Cacao Spiced Biscuits

This recipe is an adaptation from I Quit Sugar. Why would I adapt a recipe from a source that explicitly does not use sugar, you may ask? Well, it's because I am not convinced about stevia, and I will explain that when I have enough time to put my thoughts together on sugar. For now,... Continue Reading →


Banana Bread

Like I said in my HCD Week 2 post, I am a laughable baker, and it is obvious that I am also a laughable photographer. But that should not stop anyone, I am not here to win awards!   So here is the banana bread that I have made this week. Ingredients: 2/3 cup whole... Continue Reading →

My HCD Week 2

I have done significantly better this week, I am really pleased about it. I only had one transgression: one pepernoot in a café with my coffee. If you've ever seen them you'll know that they are small, kind of like a mentos candy, so I won't beat myself up about that.   I have also... Continue Reading →

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