My HCD Week 1

This week did not get off to the best start, ironically partly because of HCD. When I bought the domain name on Monday, my husband and I felt like celebrating a little. So we scavenged through the house and found some semifreddo in the freezer (lemon and raspberry semifreddo, to be precise). We could have done worse, at least I had made that particular treat myself. But after that, and in keeping with the HCD spirit, I decided not to touch the forbidden stuff until the week-end. I didn’t really stick to the plan. I didn’t devour cakes, biscuits or chocolates during the week, but I did have a few muesli bars. Somewhat less bad, but still full of sugar.
Even harder than convincing myself that I really should not touch any sweets is making this happen for my 4-year-old. It’s not that I usually let him eat loads, but this is holidays season. This week he got a treat at school because a classmate had a new baby brother; then they made pepernoten at school. It’s hard to say no to that. He’s worked on them, and pepernoten are to be had only around Sinterklaas time. The biggest problem with Sinterklaas time is that it lasts for about a month and everywhere you turn, someone will offer sweets to kids. This week it wasn’t just the pepernoten, but they also put their shoes next to the cardboard chimney in their classroom, sang their hearts out and were rewarded with a chocolate letter the next day. It seemed a little bit mean to say he couldn’t have a piece, so I agreed to his proposition of three bites. I must say, he was very honest and counted 2 mouse-size bites as well (awesome kid!). But that’s not the end: Sinterklaas celebration with the family on Sunday. While I brought savoury treats, there were sweet ones as well. And my smart kid knows that I make less of a scene when there are others around, so he can have more of the forbidden stuff. Much more…
Since we celebrated Sinterklaas, I decided to skip organising HCD this week. After all, the celebration was with family, which should count. It’s kind of cheating, since this was already planned anyway, but hey! Isn’t it nice to start with a score rather than a complete failure? (One of my all-time New Year’s resolutions has always been to be more positive)


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