Here’s Hoping for New Traditions

This week started with a bit of a cheat: chocolate. This is my number one guilty pleasure and the hardest thing for me to stay away from. Luckily for me, I am not really into the kiddy stuff, the super sweet with very little cocoa kind of chocolate, I like the dark stuff. And I mean dark. Over 85% cocoa works best for me. Have I tried the 99% cocoa one? Yes, I have. And I loved it! But even though these have less sugar than the rest, I still eat too much if left unattended, especially because no one around me shares my taste and my chocolate (they actually think I’m weird). Bad, bad me!

But the rest of the week went well, I was well behaved, resisted all temptations in the store, no matter how late I had breakfast (12:00) or lunch (17:30), no matter how little sleep I had had (on average, 2-3 hours of good sleep a night), and no matter how much of a pick-me-up I would have liked (lots, lots of it!).

For this week’s holy day, we had planed what we hope to be a long-lasting tradition in our family: Disney on Ice. I would like to mention upfront that I am not a fan of Disney as a corporation, but I have to admit that they do produce magic for small children. So despite my political views, I love watching my kid watch the show.

The first time we went to Disney on Ice was 2 years ago and our kid had so much fun despite his young age, he paid attention throughout the whole show, he clapped and danced and talked to the characters (who, luckily, couldn’t hear him. I say luckily, because earlier this year we took him to see Lion King the musical. At some point, Zazu was alone on the stage, with the curtains pulled behind him, and just as he finished his line and the hall was quiet, my kid shouted really loudly: Ga weg jij! Which means go away…) So, back to the ice show. Last year we went again and it was really fun, he kept talking about the stories he’d seen there for months afterwards. And that’s when we decided to try to make it our tradition. We do also invite other people to come with us, we are happy to share this experience.

Unfortunately, our eldest was really sick the whole day and it would have been cruel to drag him to see the show. Yeah, that’s making big plans in my family, something always comes up. (Don’t mention Brazil to us…) So I had to take a rain-check on the whole thing, cake and everything. But being that I am a fair person and having promised a treat once a week to my family, I tried to make up for it the following day with a much simpler treat, so as not to make our kid sick again: biscuits. This recipe has no history with us, unlike the one I had planned on making and which will be featured here another time, but maybe it can become part of our new traditions, together with the ice show. No, I am not giving up on that one either.


(This was my HCD week 3)


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