National School Breakfast Day

A couple of months ago, schools all over the country organised the National School Breakfast, in consultation with the official food advisory organisation. The purpose of this was to teach kids the value of a good breakfast, and also what a good breakfast looks like. In a sugar-addicted world, where sugar-coated cereal, sugary pastes of... Continue Reading →


Imaginary Communities

The “broccoli tasting” experience went a lot better this week, with one transgression only. While this is definitely better, I do find that I may soon be facing a new challenge: accepting days when things don't go as planned, without accepting too many of them. Wherever you look for advice on changing habits, you will... Continue Reading →


Some weeks are just tough. I think we've all been there. Ever since I've started Holy Cake Day, I've been struggling with the resolution of not having sweets during the week. It's so easy to say no to others (i.e. my kid), but when it's just us grown ups left awake, it can be really... Continue Reading →

Oh, Honey…

This morning I decided to turn on Netflix to see if there was anything to watch while I had my coffee. I thought with one kid in school and the other one in bed, I could take a bit of time to procrastinate before reality hit me too hard on the head. (The reality being... Continue Reading →

Inspired by the Blue Zones

Dan Buettner's “Blue Zones” is a book I've read and re-read, and I will probably read again one day. Though I do not always agree with the conclusions in his book, I like reading the findings from his travels to the Blue Zones. I like the fact that there are a few places on Earth... Continue Reading →

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