To Eat or Not to Eat?

I've been spending a lot of time recently reading and watching documentaries about food (within busy mom schedule limits), and although I am very far from having satisfied my curiosity on the subject, I wanted to take some time and reassess what it is that I am doing here. While I am not giving advice... Continue Reading →


How Holy Cake Day Was Born

I feel like I need to do some explaining about how I came up with Holy Cake Day and why I have finally decided to try to make it happen. This is an idea I got a couple of years ago when I was discussing with my husband about what we could do to make... Continue Reading →

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A Family of Bunnies

Many HCDs have gone missing, so to say, lately, and the biggest culprit is various celebrations. There have been loads of birthdays, in our family, at school, and because I didn't want to forbid my kid's having a treat with the others for these occasions, I had to give up on my plans to make... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake Bites

I don't really adhere to very strict cake recipes, as you might have noticed, and I love experimenting with spices. With this cake, there's also room to experiment with the cream topping, which makes it even better. My initial plan was to use nutmeg, but my nutmeg grater had mysteriously gone missing, so I used... Continue Reading →

Nature Is in Our Nature

When describing what Holy Cake Day is, I said that it is a three-fold issue: limiting sugar, spending time with the people around us, and reconnecting with nature. I have talked about the sugar part in other posts (Cravings, Oh, Honey..., Am I the Crazy one? to name just a few), and will most likely... Continue Reading →

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