A Family of Bunnies

Many HCDs have gone missing, so to say, lately, and the biggest culprit is various celebrations. There have been loads of birthdays, in our family, at school, and because I didn’t want to forbid my kid’s having a treat with the others for these occasions, I had to give up on my plans to make treats myself. After all, the whole purpose of HCD is not to increase the sugar consumption.

This week-end posed a different kind of problem: what do you do when you have a stubborn toddler? Saturday was one of the sunniest days so far this year (a couple of hours, at least!!!), so I wanted to take advantage of that and go out. Kid 1 (the stubborn toddler) had other plans (watching a movie, which he later came to regret when he realised that I was not going out again with him just because he said so), so I took out Kid 2. Although still very cold, just feeling the sun on my face, which was the only bit of skin showing, made me feel happy. It’s been so long since we’ve had sunny days, it’s actually been really long since we’ve had days that last more than a few hours. How do we function without the sun? It’s probably no surprise that we are crankier, more tired and less productive in the winter. Being forced to stay in does not also force me to work more or better. I miss the energy to deal with everything that I get from the sun. I was more productive in my last month of pregnancy, when I had to bike for an hour each day to collect Kid 1 from the daycare. But boy, was that a beautiful ride! One of the best parts about our neighbourhood is that if you want to get out of it by bike, you need to go either through a park, a forest, or along the water. Don’t you pity me now?

So with renewed energy from the sun, I took the opportunity on Sunday, when we were back to cloudy, grey and even hailing weather, to make a cake. Kid 1 sometimes watches a show that I loathe, Peppa Pig, but it did give me the inspiration for this week’s treat: carrot cake. This was my first attempt at it, so I was a bit nervous about how it would turn out. He was just excited, hopping around the kitchen and calling me Mama Konijn (Mama Bunny), eating carrots and offering to help. I said he could, but grating the carrots in a food processor got him out of the room altogether. He turned on his Mickey Mouse audiobook that has become the background noise of our house, and soon forgot that he had offered to help. He was, however, back in time to help me add the grated carrots to the batter, all the time asking if there were enough in, so that he could eat the rest. Scooping grated carrots with a big spoon from the walls of the food processor kept him busy enough for me to finish up and put the cake in the oven. I even remembered to put a timer (!!), as with both kids around, I was sure to forget what day it was, let alone what time the cake went into the oven.

While the cake was baking, I got to hear from him all the types of cakes he “loves”. Some he has never had in his life, but he knows about them from Peppa, which is one of the reasons why I hate that show. So later, when we finally sat down to have a piece of cake and a cup of tea (even Kid 1 wanted some), I was anxiously waiting the reviews. I only got a “lekker, zeg” in between two bites, and then he was quiet until he had finished. For our kid, shutting up while he’s eating is a clear sign of appreciation, especially when he has something new. The talking with his mouth full part comes later…

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