Easter Sugar Feast at School

I had a feeling this would be coming, didn't I say so? Well, here it is. Easter breakfast at school. The one nice and funny thing about it was that kids could come in their jammies and wear them the whole day. It took Kid 1 some convincing, though, as he was not happy at... Continue Reading →


A Quick Rant on Sugar

In my latest readings about health and food and diet (you know the lot), I have come across an article published on grubstreet.com. It makes for an interesting, fairly light read, and I like that it has a very down-to-earth attitude. And it comes with a general rule of thumb that I totally agree with:... Continue Reading →

February Review

Boy, am I late with this! Either way, I would love to get some feedback on how February has gone in terms of posts, what you liked and didn't like, what you think is missing or isn't enough of, etc. Thank you!    

Schools Should Say No to Sugar

With Easter coming up in a few days (or weeks for some), I feel another food horror story coming, as Kid 1 will have an Easter breakfast at school. He's had a school Christmas dinner and from his account, it was more like a Christmas dessert. But I'll wait and see. Still, why do I... Continue Reading →

Pear Pie

This is a really simple pie recipe, with few ingredients and very little added sugar. All in all, a great treat to try. I used a ready-made pie base, as I don't think I have the kind of time required to make that from scratch (just yet), but I am sure it would taste even... Continue Reading →

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