Hai-hui on My Bakfiets


Before you say anything about how strange the title is, please bear in mind that this is my linguistic reality every single day. Romanian, English, Dutch. No day goes by without me having to use all 3 of them, and they have started to mix together in one single conglomerate that my brain uses as a language to talk to itself. So there!

Now to the point. Last week marked a moment I have been waiting for for a long time: Kid 2 is ready to go on the bike seat! We finally had a sunny day without freezing temperatures and without a wind strong enough to blow us off the bridges. So we embarked kids on the bike and went for a ride to a playground in the park.

I enjoy the rides a lot, it’s something I used to do until the very last week of my pregnancy with Kid 2 and that I have had to put on hold since then. So I’m really excited that I can start once again. The only trouble is that it is bloody hard work. The bike itself is heavier than I was at the end of my pregnancy, add to that about 25 kg of kids and you get a lot to push. To make it even more difficult, I live in an area where you can’t bike for 5 minutes (at my speed) without having to go over a bridge. So I’m hoping that, come summer school holiday, I will be strong enough to bike my kids around town and be able to do fun stuff with them. And not just once for the entire holiday time.

This also means that our Holy Cake Days can get a little bit more exciting. Although I love a good road trip, jumping in the car for Holy Cake Day is not that enticing. I prefer something a bit more active. The possibilities of where we can go have increased compared to pushing a pram, and they gladly not just include, but require, physical activity and being outside. It can’t get better than this! And who wouldn’t be happy about it when you can except scenery such as this?

frozen lake

Now I am fully aware that this is not the case for everybody, and it isn’t like I live in paradise and this is all I see. (By the way, landscape paradise for me is in the Highlands in Scotland. I absolutely love that place and would go back any day.) But even one beautiful scenery is enough to make it worthwhile. Can you honestly tell me that when you look at such a place you don’t instantly forget about whatever thing has not worked out for you recently? Is there no sense of marvel at how beautiful nature is? Doesn’t it make you feel good to know that you are made of the same particles as this, that you are connected, that you depend on each other? That is how it works for me, and I trust I am not alone.


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