No Break for the Sugar Eaters


This week-end we went away for a much needed break, so you could say that we had a Holy Cake Week-end. But I will talk about that in a different post. For now, there are a few horrors I need to get off my chest.

I am a people watcher, I have always been one and I will probably always stay one. So whenever we go on holiday and there’s an abundance of people stuck, for better or worse, in one place, the watcher in me is bombarded with temptations. So what do you notice in a family holiday spot? Well, lots of families. And one of the things families do the most on holidays is eat. Enter the horrors.

On the one hand, the food offering is to blame up to a point. It can be very difficult to make healthy choices sometimes. Take our last day at the pool, they were only able to serve us fried things, due to a power outage. I couldn’t even get a salad (!). You check the menus at restaurants and in the kid section there is little anywhere near what the natural form of food ever was. What do they boast about? All the all-you-can-eat sweet options for kids. Do you want a breakfast package with all the food you need to serve breakfast in your own cottage? Well then, there’s a selection of sweet breads, sweet spreads and sweet drinks to go with that. Needless to say we did not choose this package.

On the other hand, the consumers themselves are to blame. Even with the worst of choices around you, you can still make an effort and not eat your weight in sugar. But you have to want that. And when I was looking around me this week-end, I saw a lot of people who did not want that. I saw kids eating fries with apple sauce, sugary drink and dessert to follow. A very wholesome dinner indeed. I saw kids eating chocolate paste with chocolate milk for breakfast. Breakfast of champions. I saw kids running around with a never-ending supply of candy. I saw kids eating ice creams almost the size of their heads. And worst of all, I saw parents thinking that this is ok. Parents who did not even try to say no their little ones. Parents who volunteered all these sweet treats to their children. Parents who did not attempt to put a single vegetable on their own plate, let alone on their children’s.

What are we teaching the next generation? Only to stuff their faces with things of unknown origin? That the sweet tooth rules our food intake? That fried food alone is good for us? This next generation is neither told, nor shown what they should be eating. Is it then surprising that I saw many kids who weigh more than I do? I am not surprised, but I am shocked. And saddened. It is our fault, us who are now adults, that the next round of humans make such poor food choices. We need to take responsibility for that and help them do better. So that the horrors can come to an end.


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