Schools Should Say No to Sugar (take 2)

Schools Should Say No to Sugar is one of my most popular posts, and I am pleased to see that, as it shows that people are interested in the subject. So I had another read, and while I stand by everything I said in it, I now realise that it should probably go in a... Continue Reading →


Beach Season Is Now Officially Open…

... it is also officially closed again until further notice. Until then, I can look back on our latest experience of it, which was also Kid 2's very first experience of the beach. A huge success, maybe also due to his first strawberry tasting.   (This is the beginning of my new category, Inspiring Nature,... Continue Reading →

A Day of Food Horrors

This is a quick one, as I really wanted to get it off my chest. Yesterday was not a happy day in terms of food horrors around me. I had to take Kid 1 to the doctor for a shot, so first I stopped at the store to get a snack for the road for... Continue Reading →

The Case Against Sugar – Book Review

The Case Against Sugar is a rather troubling read, and not just because Gary Taubes presents in detail all the wrongs sugar is likely to be doing to our bodies, but also because it shows the cynicism of governments and companies when it comes to promoting sugar consumption. Just like Taubes, I am convinced that... Continue Reading →

Monkey Business

Moving on from the rather gloomy thoughts inspired last week-end, there is a beautiful spot I would like to share. This is a fairly popular place around here and it is easy to see why. It has a bit of everything: wild and domestic animals, water for birds and fish, grass to run around in,... Continue Reading →

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