Schools Should Say No to Sugar (take 2)


Schools Should Say No to Sugar is one of my most popular posts, and I am pleased to see that, as it shows that people are interested in the subject. So I had another read, and while I stand by everything I said in it, I now realise that it should probably go in a different direction. So here is a rewrite of the blog.

With obesity and all its related diseases being such a huge problem in our society today, there are not enough, and there cannot be enough, people talking about it and fighting to put a stop to it. When it comes to our health, tough choices need to be made and real change needs to happen. When it comes to the health of our children, half measures should be unacceptable. We are responsible for how the next generation start their lives, we shouldn’t cripple them from the beginning.

Whatever you believe is the worst food for us as humans, […] (read the rest here)

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