Baby’s First Birthday Cake (attempt 1)

Kid 2 is fast approaching his first birthday, so I've been thinking a little about what his first birthday cake should be. Needless to say, I won't be buying him a cake, but making one myself. And only from stuff that he has actually eaten so far. That's fairly challenging, given that I am not... Continue Reading →


One of My Biggest Food Nemeses

I have been thinking about this Food Horror for quite a while now, but never found the time to sit down and write about it. However, I have recently had a few different “encounters” with margarine, and I have decided that I can't keep it in anymore. I know that some people will disagree with... Continue Reading →

The Nature Fix – Book Review

I was drawn to Florence Williams' book because I had a gut feeling that we as humans need more nature around us in order to reach our full potential. I was, therefore, looking for some answers on this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Nature Fix” and I found it very informative, but it was not... Continue Reading →

Thinking Beyond Calories. Part 1

Food for Thought, Thought for Food

The paper “Pathways and mechanisms linking dietary components
to cardiometabolic disease: thinking beyond calories” summarises the presentations and discussions at the 2017 CrossFit Foundation Academic Conference “Diet and Cardiometabolic Health – Beyond Calories”. I am pleased to see that there is some specific focus on this issue, namely that not all calories are equal, which I think is of great importance.

When you start reading the article, there does seem to be a bias though: the introduction clearly states that “there is no doubt that positive energy balance, due to excessive caloric consumption and/or inadequate physical activity, is the main driver of the obesity and cardiometabolic epidemics”. So if this seems to be clear, then the purpose of the conference, the presentations and this paper would be to look at other, less important, additional drivers of obesity and cardiometabolic disease. I think this sets the stage in a poor way…

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