As some may know, I am a fan of the Blue Zones. If you don't know about them, check them out, they're really interesting. As you may also know, I don't believe anything to be 100% accurate, flaws creep into everything we humans do. Still, I find it an inspiring source. Therefore I regularly check... Continue Reading →


In Defence of Food – Book Review

I will say it from the beginning, I absolutely loved In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan. This is an obvious book to read, probably too obvious given the author's success and what not, but it was one I owed myself to read. At the time of publication, I was busy finding my way into... Continue Reading →

June Review

June has been a slow month for me in terms of blogging for Holy Cake Day, and I put it down to two reasons. First of all, my second pet project, Food for Thought, Thought for Food, which requires a lot of reading and thinking before I can publish anything. It is work that I... Continue Reading →

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