Introducing Adventures in Puppyland

As some may know, I am a fan of the Blue Zones. If you don’t know about them, check them out, they’re really interesting. As you may also know, I don’t believe anything to be 100% accurate, flaws creep into everything we humans do. Still, I find it an inspiring source. Therefore I regularly check what the Blue Zones people are up to. I have recently come across another article of theirs, in which they said you should get a dog to live longer; I somehow doubt that they had just any dog in mind, and definitely not ours. Ours is probably in the purgatory of longer-living-inducing qualities.

I’ve mentioned before that Puppy (no, that’s not her real name) is somewhat of a trouble-maker. We have come to understand that she doesn’t appreciate being on a leash and misbehaves more when this is the case. But a sprinting-without-notice kind of dog cannot be let loose in the street, only in a park, forest, or some sort of empty place with no cars. And the sprinting happens with every dog she spots, no matter how close or far. So for better or worse (for worse, definitely for worse), she needs to be on a leash when we go out. This, however, drastically diminishes her longevity-granting powers. If you have ever walked a dog that barks and jumps and growls at everything that moves, then you know this can get seriously annoying. Needless to say, you won’t want the walks to last forever. But if you also have to push a pram and sometimes drag a resenting toddler at the same time, you see how this may become a longevity-reducing kind of companion.

Still, we have not given up hope. Yet. The reason for this is that she has a funny kind of character that reminds us of both our kids. She has some baby traits, and she has some toddler traits. She makes the same face as Kid 2 when she smells or sees us close to her food or puppy cookies. Yeah, they’re both kind of greedy, and while Kid 2 has managed to somewhat say “neom-neom” when he sees us with food, Puppy’s face simply screams at you “cookie! cookie! cookie! COOKIE!” One of my favourite silly thing she’s done so far was one ordinary afternoon when she was trying to chew on her favourite treats in the house, Kid 1’s stuff. For some reason, his stuff is the tastiest and chewiest ever. Especially his Batman slippers. So she was going for his shoes in the hallway and I saw her just in time, so I said in my motherly stern voice “Puppy!” She had not realised I had come into the room (I can sneak really well, and I’m the only one in the house who can do that). So she jumped when she heard me, and immediately let the shoe go, lifted her paw and started to chew at it fervently, giving me a look saying “this is what I was doing all along, I’m a good dog”. This is what Kid 1 does too, I observe him for a few long seconds doing something naughty, then I sternly call him, he jumps and pretends he was doing something completely different. He actually says sometimes “I wasn’t doing anything, I’m a good boy”.

Things like that make Puppy very endearing to us. And that is why she is still allowed indoors and we haven’t kicked her out, tempting as that may be on a particularly rotten day. Either way, you may be wondering what any of this has to do with Holy Cake Day, and that’s a legitimate question. Holy Cake Day is about three things: nature; community; cake. The way I see it, Puppy is connecting us to nature every day. She is an excuse to go out, and an urgent provocation to learn about another species, another way of communicating and interacting, and another way of connecting. Never mind that so far we have managed to scare a few neighbourhood dogs and annoy some dog owners, we will make Puppy part of the community! And when that happens (hopefully sooner rather than later), we will have cake to celebrate! I doubt I’ll start making puppy cakes anytime soon though…

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  1. Purgatory. I can see that. We have a puppy in our future–I’m really hoping the longer-life assertion pans out, because I know I’ll have much less time due to all the training, etc.


    1. That is so true! Especially if you get an actual puppy, we just call all dogs puppies. The one absolute truth about having dogs, no matter how well behaved they are, is that they make you walk a lot more than usual. And that, apparently, is really good for your longevity prospects. I hope it works out for you!


  2. Nothing beats the excitement that they have when you come home though. Hearing her bounding down the stairs to come great me brings a smile to my face every time. Dogs are the best, even slightly damaged ones :).


    1. I know you are a puppy at heart and you favour your kind 😉 if you ever step on her squeaky toy when you come in, you’ll make her fly down the stairs. Just beware she doesn’t land on you 😛


  3. TheNutBarn says:

    OMG I love this post! My pack now contains only 5 furry little buttheads but that number is likely to jump up at some point in the near future.
    I wholeheartedly agree that dogs either reduce your lifespan or they add years. There is no in between.

    I have one that is an enormous love bug but he’s not exactly “company ready” even at 8 years old.

    Another, my only female, that ges me out in nature all the time. Rain, snow, heat, thunder, she doesn’t care as long as she’s able to run and play. We’re out there for potty walks, she hasn’t quite gotten that message yet. It’s only been a year and half. We’ll keep trying. ROFL

    Thank God my other three are wonderful life span giving dogs because these two might be the death of me. Lol

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    1. That sounds like a nice family you’ve got there! I don’t think I will ever be able to have that many furry (or not) companions at once, but I admire the people who can.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Being that this is the first time I live with an animal, I am trying to make sense of it and learn a few things. Writing has always helped me with that.

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      1. TheNutBarn says:

        It’s such a wild adventure! There are good days and bad of course, but there is always love. What’s better than that?
        I’m very happy to be along with you for your ride and writing. ❤

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      2. Thank you! And if you have any tips on getting over the bad days, I would love to hear them!


  4. TheNutBarn says:

    The best advice I can give you? Live like a dog! Don’t take things seriously. If you get upset about something, don’t let it hold you back. Dogs never hold a grudge. They just get over it and play!

    It’s been beautiful to see how adaptable they are and welcoming to nearly everyone.

    They’re also never shy about asking for what they want or need. A cuddle or a treat or a nap, they just ask.

    We should all take a lesson or two and live like dogs! ❤


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