A Few Thoughts on Breakfast Smoothies


My experimental week of smoothie breakfasts has had a few immediate results for me, and I think I will try to keep this up. The kids are definitely happy with it. For me, it was mostly about trying to make some better food choices. So did that work?

First of all, starting the day with a smoothie guarantees getting some fruit and greens in right from the start. It also means that I won’t blindly put stuff in my mouth as soon as the kids turn their backs at me. But most importantly, it has meant that I wanted to make better food choices throughout the day. Emphasis on want, in case you missed that. No, I did not make only good choices. Somewhere until mid afternoon, everything went well pretty much every day. But there was a huge slump there: Kid 1 still in school, Kid 2 taking a nap, and hunger creeping in on me, backed by old-habit cravings. This has been the most difficult part of the whole week, trying to resist these cravings. I will admit that, especially at the beginning of the week, I failed at this.

So a huge lessons for me has been that snacking is of vital importance here. For me, it doesn’t work to soldier through a rough time, depriving myself of everything, waiting for the next meal. I don’t see the point of that. Rather than starving and day-dreaming about food, I tried really hard to snack on something else, something healthier. I found that nuts and nut butters are a life saviour. They are dense, filling, and very importantly, lack added sugars, preservatives and who knows what else. Better still, I have made my own for the first time in who knows how long. This is tricky with kids, so here is my recipe for success: hold Kid 2 so he doesn’t freak out, cover little ears with noise-cancelling headphones, and I’m good to go! Plus, every time I need to scrape off some stubborn nuts, Kid 2 gets to taste them. That’s his favourite part, I think.

On a very practical note, I have learnt that smoothies are easier to make if you stack them the right way. Start with the softest ingredient(s); make sure there is enough liquid; if using greens, it helps to put another ingredient on top of them to push them down a little. And yes, headphones have been used for this one too.

I’m not going to end by encouraging you to start making smoothies. I won’t tell you how healthy, miraculous, and filled with goodness they are. I will simply tell you to listen to your bodies and see what they need.

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