Are You Still There?


Wow, I can’t believe it has been 2 whole months since I’ve posted anything here. I’m an ideas person, so I come up with new plans and projects all the time. Some come to life, others remain dreams. Even for the ones I do something about, I obviously can’t focus on all of them at once, so I inevitably step back from at least one of my current projects.

This time, I’ve been away because I have been working on giving a new life to a publishing house in my home country, Romania. It’s hard work, but I think it is worth while. This is not live yet, so I can’t share the details, but I will soon. Fingers crossed! As I’ve mentioned before, I have another blog where I write about nutrition science and research, and how many times scientific articles are vague at best, and poorly interpreting information at worst. I’m not saying that all articles are like that, or the majority of them, but when you consistently come across some that fit one of these descriptions, then there is something wrong in journal publishing.

And my last time-consuming activity of late is reading and scaring the hell out of myself. It is not a new thing for me to read, but reading more and more about the environment and climate change is. And everything I read is scary indeed. This is a fear that is very difficult to act on, because it may not have immediate visible effects. You can easily forget, become doubtful, start believing the critics. But then, there is a question that keeps popping up in my head: is the doubt worth it? Let’s be Pascalian about it, if I act on the fears and try to make changes in my life, and try to get the people around me to do the same, what is the worst thing that can happen? If climate change is not as bad as they say, then I will simply have changed my lifestyle. For no reason, but to no harm either. If climate change is as bad as they say, then at least I will have tried to help and make a difference. But if I don’t do anything, then I will keep helping make things worse. And how will I live with myself? How will I face my children when they become adults and ask me what we have done to their world? So, logical conclusion for me, I should do something.

Doing something about my private life is great and wonderful, but I want to do something bigger. I’ve been preoccupied with this new idea, and it will take a lot of work, which means even less time to dedicate to my blog(s). But I don’t want to forget about them! So I will probably be consistently slow in posting, though I do hope not as slow as the last few months. To get me going once more in my blogging adventures, I will soon share a new treat I have come up with, one that is aligned in nature with my “scary reading”: food waste. This treat is all about using food, in my case fruit, that would not get eaten, and prevent it from getting thrown out. And no, it’s not about smoothies (though those are good options too). The mystery will be revealed shortly …

To anyone reading all the way down, thank you for sticking with it, and thank you for still being around to support my blog! This really means a lot to me.

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  1. Eilene Lyon says:

    I can relate to the many projects theme! Still here.

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    1. Metis says:

      Thank you, that is nice to hear!

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