About Holy Cake Day

What Is Holy Cake Day?

Holy Cake Day has nothing to do with religion, nor with worshiping cake. The name is a bit of a joke, which was not meant to insult anyone or their beliefs. It is not “holy cake”, but “holy day”. It is a holy day because it is about creating a day that we hold dear, a regular ritual. To what end? It has three purposes.

First, it is about reducing the amount of sugar that we and, maybe especially, our kids consume. Having a Holy Cake Day also means that you don’t have treats the other days of the week. Holy Cake Day isn’t, however, a binge day. It does not mean you can have as much cake as you possibly can.

Second, it is about spending time with the people around us. Having one day when we try to connect with people, whether it is those who have been in our lives for a long time, or some who have just crossed paths with us. Take the time to do something together, get to know each other, create bonds, create a community.

And third, it is about connecting with nature. Holy Cake Day is, ideally, spent in nature. Out in the park, in the forest, to a lake, river or sea, the botanical garden, the closest farm to you, anything that is accessible. Leave technology aside (okay, maybe take some pictures, but that’s it!), forget about the worries at work, the things you still need to do. Relax and indulge in a treat.

For Holy Cake Day, just try to de-stress, appreciate what you have, get to know the people around you, marvel at the intricacies of nature and how it has managed to produce us. It is a celebration, after all, a weekly ritual to make us happy.

About the Website

There are a few categories I use to organise my thoughts:

  • Thoughts on life, the universe and everything – this is where I share my thoughts on things related to the three aspects of HCD: less sugar, community, nature;
  • Food Science – this is where I try to read proper science (i.e. scientific articles or books themselves, not the media) and share what I understand and like about them, as well as what I feel may be the limitations of the studies;
  • Recipes – self explanatory, this is where I share the treats that I make for my family;
  • Food Horrors – this is where I share some true events related to food that have shocked or appalled me;
  • My HCD – this is where I share some of the things that we do to celebrate Holy Cake Day, hoping to inspire others to do the same, and better;
  • Inspiring Nature – this is where I share photos of scenery, plants, animals, anything to do with nature that I find beautiful, intriguing, inspiring.


About Me?

As you may have noticed, this website is anonymous, at least for now. There are a few things that you can learn about me through my posts, such as that I am a woman, I am married with two kids, I live in The Netherlands, but am Romanian by origin, and many more small things I will let you discover for yourself. Until I am ready to put a name to this page, you can call me The Laughable Baker, a self-assigned title I wear with pride.