How Holy Cake Day Was Born

I feel like I need to do some explaining about how I came up with Holy Cake Day and why I have finally decided to try to make it happen. This is an idea I got a couple of years ago when I was discussing with my husband about what we could do to make... Continue Reading →

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The New Magic Word: Healthy

I've been finding very little time lately to blog, but mostly because I am doing a lot of reading, in many formats, and on many platforms. My readings of the last few months have mostly consisted of scientific articles on nutrition (some results you can see in my other blog). I have also recently started "Food... Continue Reading →


Apple Cake

It's been a very celebratory period, with a birthday (or two) almost every week-end. So it's been really busy, really sugary, really naughty. Among these birthdays, Kid 1 has also celebrated his. To make up for all the sugar rushes he was definitely going to be on, I, of course, have decided to make a... Continue Reading →

On Being an Idiot

We all have our moments when we feel like idiots, at least I hope we do, otherwise I must be one lonely species. I usually feel like an idiot when I am caught off-guard and don't respond as I later realise I would have liked to respond. Puppy does make me feel like an idiot,... Continue Reading →

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