Everyone Needs a Little Help Sometimes

I was walking Puppy with Kid 2 earlier today when I was noticing very happily that Puppy was behaving better than she used to. Of course, not running into dogs or other mean people who dare to share the same sidewalk also helps. But even when we do run into others, I can see an... Continue Reading →


On Being an Idiot

We all have our moments when we feel like idiots, at least I hope we do, otherwise I must be one lonely species. I usually feel like an idiot when I am caught off-guard and don't respond as I later realise I would have liked to respond. Puppy does make me feel like an idiot,... Continue Reading →

As some may know, I am a fan of the Blue Zones. If you don't know about them, check them out, they're really interesting. As you may also know, I don't believe anything to be 100% accurate, flaws creep into everything we humans do. Still, I find it an inspiring source. Therefore I regularly check... Continue Reading →

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