In Defence of Food – Book Review

I will say it from the beginning, I absolutely loved In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan. This is an obvious book to read, probably too obvious given the author's success and what not, but it was one I owed myself to read. At the time of publication, I was busy finding my way into... Continue Reading →


The Nature Fix – Book Review

I was drawn to Florence Williams' book because I had a gut feeling that we as humans need more nature around us in order to reach our full potential. I was, therefore, looking for some answers on this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Nature Fix” and I found it very informative, but it was not... Continue Reading →

The Case Against Sugar – Book Review

The Case Against Sugar is a rather troubling read, and not just because Gary Taubes presents in detail all the wrongs sugar is likely to be doing to our bodies, but also because it shows the cynicism of governments and companies when it comes to promoting sugar consumption. Just like Taubes, I am convinced that... Continue Reading →

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