Why Do the French Eat Chocolate for Breakfast?

We are back from our first sun holiday of the year, which is why I have taken a break from writing. Now that we are settling down for more school, work, organising, worrying, caring for others, I can also sit down and process (i.e. write) some of the things I have witnessed in the last... Continue Reading →


A Day of Food Horrors

This is a quick one, as I really wanted to get it off my chest. Yesterday was not a happy day in terms of food horrors around me. I had to take Kid 1 to the doctor for a shot, so first I stopped at the store to get a snack for the road for... Continue Reading →

Easter Sugar Feast at School

I had a feeling this would be coming, didn't I say so? Well, here it is. Easter breakfast at school. The one nice and funny thing about it was that kids could come in their jammies and wear them the whole day. It took Kid 1 some convincing, though, as he was not happy at... Continue Reading →

Schools Should Say No to Sugar

With Easter coming up in a few days (or weeks for some), I feel another food horror story coming, as Kid 1 will have an Easter breakfast at school. He's had a school Christmas dinner and from his account, it was more like a Christmas dessert. But I'll wait and see. Still, why do I... Continue Reading →

National School Breakfast Day

A couple of months ago, schools all over the country organised the National School Breakfast, in consultation with the official food advisory organisation. The purpose of this was to teach kids the value of a good breakfast, and also what a good breakfast looks like. In a sugar-addicted world, where sugar-coated cereal, sugary pastes of... Continue Reading →

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