Beach Season Is Now Officially Open…

... it is also officially closed again until further notice. Until then, I can look back on our latest experience of it, which was also Kid 2's very first experience of the beach. A huge success, maybe also due to his first strawberry tasting.   (This is the beginning of my new category, Inspiring Nature,... Continue Reading →


Monkey Business

Moving on from the rather gloomy thoughts inspired last week-end, there is a beautiful spot I would like to share. This is a fairly popular place around here and it is easy to see why. It has a bit of everything: wild and domestic animals, water for birds and fish, grass to run around in,... Continue Reading →

Barbecued Food for Thought

Our last Holy Cake Day was a rather hectic one. With my husband's birthday and people over, with furniture delivery (obviously!) and an extra small fridge not delivered (also, obviously), I was left with the two kids to get things ready for yet another first of the year: our first barbecue in the garden. Woohoo!... Continue Reading →

Holy Not-so-Cakey Day

Again, I have skipped making a cake this week-end (bad, bad me). On a normal Easter week-end, I would be making cozonac, a traditional cake that takes hours to make. Given that this is only worth the time if there are many people eating it, or if you are happy for you and those in... Continue Reading →

Time Travel (or sort of)

I mentioned elsewhere that we had somewhat of a Holy Cake Week-end, instead of a day, and I wanted to share some bright things about it, not just the horrors. The best thing about travelling, for me, is that time gets a new dimension. It never really passes at the same rate as it does... Continue Reading →

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