In my quest to find less damaging desserts, I have inevitably come across the recipes on the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies website. Not all of them looked inspiring, and I was quite confused by the reasoning behind calling many of them “low-sugar”, since they contained sometimes even more than 1 ½ cup... Continue Reading →


Apple Cake

It's been a very celebratory period, with a birthday (or two) almost every week-end. So it's been really busy, really sugary, really naughty. Among these birthdays, Kid 1 has also celebrated his. To make up for all the sugar rushes he was definitely going to be on, I, of course, have decided to make a... Continue Reading →

Sour Cherry Cake

Sour cherry cake was the signature dish of my house when I was growing up (apart from burned kettle, which is another story altogether). We had a small garden and in it a few sour cherry trees. I think it started with just the one tree that my parents had bought when my sister was... Continue Reading →

Pear Pie

This is a really simple pie recipe, with few ingredients and very little added sugar. All in all, a great treat to try. I used a ready-made pie base, as I don't think I have the kind of time required to make that from scratch (just yet), but I am sure it would taste even... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake Bites

I don't really adhere to very strict cake recipes, as you might have noticed, and I love experimenting with spices. With this cake, there's also room to experiment with the cream topping, which makes it even better. My initial plan was to use nutmeg, but my nutmeg grater had mysteriously gone missing, so I used... Continue Reading →

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