Big Lessons from Little Creatures

Decisions, decisions. There's always plenty of those to be made. Some are easy, some not so much, but most of the times we think we have it right, that we are doing what is best. Or at least hope we are. But there are times when we are shown that we are most likely not.... Continue Reading →


Don’t Steal Nature

One of my latest discoveries, which means that I am late in discovering them, is a TED talk by Emma Marris on the definition of nature. I had never actually considered the view she is opposing, namely that nature is only what is untouched by humans, but I still like the points that she makes.... Continue Reading →

Holy Not-so-Cakey Day

Again, I have skipped making a cake this week-end (bad, bad me). On a normal Easter week-end, I would be making cozonac, a traditional cake that takes hours to make. Given that this is only worth the time if there are many people eating it, or if you are happy for you and those in... Continue Reading →

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