Hold Fast, Verjo, You Have Been Sentenced to Death by Fahrenheit 451

My last couple of weeks have been focused around one not so pleasurable event: my driving theory test. I know, I know, who on Earth who's my age still does not have their driver's licence? Well, me, for one. The test itself is stressful enough, but studying from a rotten piece of trash makes everything... Continue Reading →


Don’t Steal Nature

One of my latest discoveries, which means that I am late in discovering them, is a TED talk by Emma Marris on the definition of nature. I had never actually considered the view she is opposing, namely that nature is only what is untouched by humans, but I still like the points that she makes.... Continue Reading →

Holy Not-so-Cakey Day

Again, I have skipped making a cake this week-end (bad, bad me). On a normal Easter week-end, I would be making cozonac, a traditional cake that takes hours to make. Given that this is only worth the time if there are many people eating it, or if you are happy for you and those in... Continue Reading →

A Quick Rant on Sugar

In my latest readings about health and food and diet (you know the lot), I have come across an article published on grubstreet.com. It makes for an interesting, fairly light read, and I like that it has a very down-to-earth attitude. And it comes with a general rule of thumb that I totally agree with:... Continue Reading →

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