A Quick Rant on Sugar

In my latest readings about health and food and diet (you know the lot), I have come across an article published on grubstreet.com. It makes for an interesting, fairly light read, and I like that it has a very down-to-earth attitude. And it comes with a general rule of thumb that I totally agree with:... Continue Reading →


Schools Should Say No to Sugar

With Easter coming up in a few days (or weeks for some), I feel another food horror story coming, as Kid 1 will have an Easter breakfast at school. He's had a school Christmas dinner and from his account, it was more like a Christmas dessert. But I'll wait and see. Still, why do I... Continue Reading →

To Eat or Not to Eat?

I've been spending a lot of time recently reading and watching documentaries about food (within busy mom schedule limits), and although I am very far from having satisfied my curiosity on the subject, I wanted to take some time and reassess what it is that I am doing here. While I am not giving advice... Continue Reading →

Nature Is in Our Nature

When describing what Holy Cake Day is, I said that it is a three-fold issue: limiting sugar, spending time with the people around us, and reconnecting with nature. I have talked about the sugar part in other posts (Cravings, Oh, Honey..., Am I the Crazy one? to name just a few), and will most likely... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Communities

The “broccoli tasting” experience went a lot better this week, with one transgression only. While this is definitely better, I do find that I may soon be facing a new challenge: accepting days when things don't go as planned, without accepting too many of them. Wherever you look for advice on changing habits, you will... Continue Reading →

Oh, Honey…

This morning I decided to turn on Netflix to see if there was anything to watch while I had my coffee. I thought with one kid in school and the other one in bed, I could take a bit of time to procrastinate before reality hit me too hard on the head. (The reality being... Continue Reading →

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