Welcome to Holy Cake Day! If you think that this page is about worshiping cake, well, think again. Yes, we all love cake, some a little, others a lot, and some too much. What I want is to change how we look at cake and treats, and improve our attitudes towards them. This means eating less of them, and less indulgent ones. This means sharing them and enjoying them with the people around us. This means re-shifting our focus from the gluttonous act to the occasion that brought us a treat.

Holy Cake Day is a day to spend with people and animals, getting to know them and build relationships with them; to go into nature, explore, discover, learn, and be inspired by it; and only lastly to enjoy a treat, without feeling guilty, and without bingeing.

Are you curious to learn more? Then dig in to discover what prompted this idea, what keeps me going on my journey, how I find comfort in nature, and yes, some of the treats we enjoy. From stories, to rants, to book reviews, to recipes, there is a little bit of inspiration for everyone. Check out my Instagram account for pictures of nature that calm, intrigue, amaze, and most of all, inspire me. I hope you will enjoy the journey!